About Femto Laser Latik Centre

As a foremost Eye institution in Africa, we believe there's NO LIMIT TO VISION. At RESTORE VISION-FEMTO-SECOND LASIK LASER Centre, we are passionate about this. It is all we do.  As specialists in laser vision correction, we are able to provide our patients with the best technology (Safest and most accurate) and expertise, resulting in splendid miracle of vision restoration.  We believe that everyone deserves to love their vision and see the beauty all around us

Patient Testimonies

  • We love the new technology, its indeed safest and most accurate
  • Excellent in sight
  • Modern day miracle. This is fantastic
  • What a big relief! Wearing of glasses is a massive let-down for 22 years now. SMILE has really made me smiled, my vision restored and i feel so natural now. Thank you so much. Igwe